Gabriela Cámara, Chef, Restaurateur and Author

Gabriela Cámara’s first cookbook, “My Mexico City Kitchen: Recipes and Convictions” shares authentic and approachable Mexican recipes for home cooks to master.

Having grown up in Mexico, her seafood-centric dishes call upon a lifelong love and fascination of fresh tortillas, local ingredients and home cooking. Gabriela set out to open Mexico City’s infamous Contramar twenty years ago, followed by San Francisco’s Cala and her first Southern California venture, Onda, coming this fall.

How do you unwind once you are home? Where is home currently?

I unwind by reading on my favorite long chair in my room but home is where my son Lucas is. Currently we are in the process of moving from San Francisco back to Mexico City, where we have always kept a place. Now we’ll keep a place in San Francisco but will spend most of our time in Mexico City.

We’re thrilled to welcome your newest restaurant Onda to L.A. this fall. What drew you to collaborate with Jessica Koslow? Why Santa Monica?

Thank you! Jessica [Koslow of Sqirl] and I have been excited to something together since we first met. When the Proper Hotel offered the restaurant of their new location in Santa Monica to Jessica, she invited me to do it with her. It is a very special and beautiful location and it made sense to make something mexican/angelino by the beach.